Every workshops must have a minimum of 10 attendees registered for the workshop by 30 August 2019 at the latest. If the required amount of participants will not be reached, that workshop will be cancelled. 

Maximum limit for each workshop is 20 attendees.

Please note that there were changes made for workshops by the organizing committee regarding the dates and time.


WORKSHOP 1: EPH in practise (Herbert Loellgen (GER)). Friday 4.10.2019 11.00-12.00

WORKSHOP 2: Dynamic taping (Andre Debruyne (BEL)). Saturday 5.10.2019 9.00-10.00

WORKSHOP 3: Hamstring injuries prevention (Kostas Natsis, Lyrtzis Christos, Aftosmidis Dimitros (GRE)). Friday 4.10.2019 12.00-13.00

WORKSHOP 4: ACL injury prevention (Gerald Gruber (AUT) and Aljaz Valic (SLO)). Thursday 3.10.2019 14.00-15.00

WORKSHOP 5: Portable and connectable US for musculo-skeletal injuries (Colonel Sellon (UK)). Friday 4.10.2019 14.20-15.20

WORKSHOP 6: Low back pain prevention (Martin Zorko (SLO)). Thursday 3.10.2019 16.20-17.20