Address: TMG-BMC, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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OBJECTIVE      Coaching speed and explosive power development, post-rehabilitation training, research and development (biosensors), invention and development of new technologies for measuring mechanical muscle properties, biofeedback application with smart sensors.

45 years of coaching: athletics, football, American football, tennis, alpine skiing, basketball, cycling... In this time coaches/advise more than 70 athletes that participated in Olympic games and they get more than 50 medals on the Olympic Games, World, and European Championships. Was part of the Olympic teams on 7th Olympic Games (from 1992) and 20 WC and EC.

Research and Development
Published over 60 scientific publications as author or co-author in sports, biomechanics and applied/muscle physiology journals, posters or oral presentation at international scientific congresses.
Develop and/or invent 2 methods for muscle diagnostic and monitoring. Tensiomyography and MC sensor measure mechanical contractile properties of skeletal muscle and tension/force or displacement in situ.
Invited lectures on 5 Universities and several institutions connected with sport in EU, USA, and Japan.
Was member of 2 EU project with TMG-BMC Slovenia and SCEM Switzerland.

 REFERENCES References available on request