Ms Theodora (Dora) Papadopoulou, MD, BSc (Sports Science), PGDip (SEM), MSc (Sp. Injuries), PhD (Sport Med Research), FEBSM, is a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine and an Orthopaedic Surgeon. She is a Certified Sport Medicine Instructor from the International Federation Medicine.

She is the Lead Consultant for Hip and Groin, and for the Military Hip Rehabilitation Outcome Study (MILO) at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre,
Stanford Hall, UK. Since 1998, Dora has been a Visiting Lecturer for a range of Universities, lecturing students in Sport Medicine.

Her major research interest during her PhD was the ultrastructure and the morphology of the articular cartilage of the knee joint, of which she has been awarded. Her current area of interest is the hip and the groin issues in the younger athletic population and the effects of LI-BFR Exercise in Military Personnel undergoing MKS rehabilitation.

She is a member of the Development Commission of the International Federation of Sport Medicine (FIMS); an Executive Board Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM), and an Executive Board Member of the European Federation of Sport Medicine Associations (EFSMA). She is Fellow of the European Board of U.E.M.S in Sport Medicine.

Dora has served as a corresponding member of the Scientific and Education Committee of EFSMA, responsible for the topic ‘Autonomic transplantation of the Articular cartilage
after sport injuries’. She also served as an Associate Secretary of Sport Medicine Association of Greece.

She worked as a physician for various sports events, including Olympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics in different roles. She is the Doctor for the International Ultramarathon Spartathlon over last decade and the Doctor of the British Spartathlon team. She has presented internationally on sport medicine topics and she has authored research publications in various scientific journals. Having participated in organising committees of numerous scientific sports medicine conferences, she is currently the Co- Chair of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine 2019 Annual Conference.

She is keen volunteer, passionate about sport ethos and extremely zealous about development of Sport and Exercise Medicine. Olympism is her philosophy of life.

Twitter: @Dora_Sportmed