Matej Tušak graduated in psychology from the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. He wrote a BA thesis on Aggressiveness of Top Athletes and a PhD thesis on Development of the Motivation System in Sports.

He teaches psychology and sports psychology at the Ljubljana’s Faculty of Sport and Faculty of Arts. He also teaches post-graduate studies at the Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine, as well as the universities of Zagreb, Split, Skopje, Mostar, Trieste and Klagenfurt.

As a sports psychologist, Matej Tušak furthermore works for the Sports Institute, actively involved in the process of psychological preparation of athletes for competitions, working with both top athletes and children, young adults and amateur athletes. As a psychologist he has contributed to numerous European and world championships, and Olympic Games. He is member of the Expert Council for Sports of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, president of the Expert Council for Sports of SUSA (Slovenian University Sports Association), member of the Top Athletes Board of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, member of the International Society of Sports Psychology (ISPC), president of the Expert Council for Judo and Triathlon, member of expert councils for various disciplines and head of the Psychodiagnostic Laboratory of the Sports Institute. He is head of the team of psychologists involved in the international project @life, promoting healthy lifestyle habits as well as assisting in stress avoidance and management.

He has authored over 300 scientific articles, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Some of his most important books include Psihologija športa, Strategije motiviranja v športu, Psihologija ekipnih športov, Trener,
JAZ – Športnik, Človeški viri v SV (Sports Psychology, Strategies to Motivate Athletes, Team Sports Psychology, Coach, I – An Athlete, Human Resources of the Slovenian Army).

He gives lectures to sports clubs, schools, nurseries and companies and conducts various workshops on stress, stress management, motivation, aggressiveness, personal growth, team work, effective communication and many other psychological phenomena.

He also provides psychological counselling to people with various psychological needs, works with different companies, managers, directors and people with common problems. Recently, he has striven towards applying the experience gained by working with top athletes to counselling managers and entrepreneurs.