After graduating from the Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine, Ažman Juvan specialised in internal medicine and subsequently in cardiology and vascular medicine. She works at the Ljubljana University Medical Centre; for the past six years she has held the post of a cardiologist at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery. Apart from clinical work, Ažman Juvan is pursuing scientific research and teaches at the Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine. Focusing on sports cardiology for over ten years, she has undertaken further studies in London and Rome; since 2014 she has headed the Sports Cardiology Section of the Slovenian Society of Cardiology. She has co-authored the first and only Slovenian book on sports cardiology and published numerous scientific and lay publications addressing this medical specialty. She gives lectures and assist in the organisation of national and international conferences on sports cardiology, sports medicine, cardiac ultrasound and heart valve diseases.

She is longstanding member of the Medical Commission of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Vice-president of the Slovenian Medical Society for Sports Medicine.