Nada Rotovnik Kozjek graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana in 1987. In 1997 completed her specialization in anesthesiology, reanimatology and perioperative intensive medicine while working at SB Maribor. After her employment at the Intistute of Oncology in Ljubljana in 1997, she has further advanced training in the field of clinical nutrition and has been the Head of the Clinical Nutrition Unit since 2008.

She received her master's degree at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana in 1994 on the Effect of Sudden Effort on Circulatory and Respiratory Disorders and in 2012 received her PhD in the research "The Effect of Enteral Glutamine on the Inflammatory Response and Metabolic Stress in Patients with Pre-Surgery Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy." In 2008 she graduated in sports nutrition at the International Olympic Committee.

Nada Rotovnik Kozjek is an international clinical nutrition teacher at ESPEN (European clinical nutrition and metabolism association), and member of ESPEN Faculty and Council. She is an active member of the OKS Medical Commission and has been a physician at several Olympic Games.

She teaches at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana and Maribor, the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Education in Maribor. She is also an active member of the Slovenian Association for Clinical Nutrition, ESPEN and has been involved in the educational activities of these organizations for the last 15 years. She is the first author of Chapter Sports nutrition the ESPEN textbook Basics in Clinical Nutrition. Her scientific, professional and popular bibliography is extensive and according to SICRIS, contains more than 600 entries,