Dear Colleagues,

As President of the European Sports Medicine Association (EFSMA), I am pleased to announce that the next European Congress on Sports Medicine, will take place in Portorož, Slovenia, from 3 to 5 October 2019.

The EFSMA Congress on Sports Medicine represents a very important moment for Europe, both at scientific and at cultural level, being a unique occasion to exchange and share knowledge and experiences among the relevant Stakeholders, also thanks to the participation of internationally recognized experts.

EFSMA’s main goal is to promote and develop Sports Medicine in the whole European Continent, working expressly for the recognition of it as a primary specialty in every single EU Country. As you all know, Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary clinical and academic specialty, which mainly deals with health protection, promotion and prevention of both elite athletes and general population practicing sports activities.

This is the reason why exercise, in the right dose, could be a fundamental medicine, having the power to improve the daily life quality of everyone.

With this regard, this edition of the EFSMA European Congress on Sports Medicine will be focused in particular on two fundamental pillars: the first one is the assistance to healthy young athletes and the second one is the exercise prescription for health as prevention and therapy.

Thanks to this approach, the congress will be multidisciplinary and very useful not only for all sports medicine physicians who follow athletes in their everyday practice, but also for pediatricians, general practitioners and all other medical specialists who believe that physical activity is the basis and the future for a proper physical and mental development and treatment of wide range of chronic non-communicable diseases, and also for other experts as physiotherapists, kinesiologists and sport scientist.

That is the reason why nobody can miss this event, let’s start to think different so let's take part to this Congress!

I really look forward to meeting you all in Portorož!


Best regards,

Prof. Maurizio Casasco, MD


Pod častnim pokroviteljstvom predsednika Republike Slovenije Boruta Pahorja

Under the Honorary Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Borut Pahor

Pod pokroviteljstvom Ministrstva za zdravje Republike Slovenije
Under the patronage of the MINISTRY OF HEALTH of the Republic of Slovenia


Under the patronage of the Municipality of Piran